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Mt. Madia-as

Mt. Madia-as traverse:
Boundary of Aklan and Antique with elevation of 1750 m.
Water supply is good enough for cooking and fill up your canteen for the next day.
Nice view when clearing,
Cold and strong winds at night,
In 2008 took us 15 hours and last year Paul and his 2 guide for 10 hours from Brgy. Alojipan.
3 hours walk to the summit.

Sudden change of weather could cancel your summit attempt.
Don't worry it only happen rarely but it happen to us, see. summit is another day for Paul.

                                     Boundary at 1750 meters photo by Kat Palasi

You can traverse Mount Madia-as:
from Brgy. Alojipan to Brgy. Flores (see Itinerary).
and Brgy. Flores to Brgy. Alojipan (see itinerary). 

From Bgry. Flores:
Some concerns, In case rain continually but still pushing the trek, I will recommend you to use the old trail on the way to camp 3.

Bantang river trail:
Land slide area,
50 meters rope is needed,
Water falls,
Climb a wall using the roots of the tree. (monkey trail)

Old trail/IMC Trail:
From Brgy. Flores, suggestion for you:
Day 1: camp at Suli, 2 hour walk from Brgy. Flores,
Good advance campsite with water source instead of camping at Brgy. Flores.
But out early and start walking the banderahan 1 under the moon.
In 2008, We leave Suli at 1 am using the old trail we reach Camp 3 at 5 pm.
2010 climb we leave Suli at 3 am  using Bantang River and everyone at Camp 3 before 4 pm.
Weather matters most of the time in Mount Madia-as and even the most experience climbers also failed to summit.
From camp 3, About 2-3 hours walk in the park to the summit.

For the traverse to Bgry. Alojipan, bug-out early.
At the summit take a good look around,
smile and enjoy the coffee.
It has sheer drop wall,
small area to stand,
enjoy and safety first.

                                           At Camp 3

From summit:
4 hours to Hanggud tubig,
2 hours to Boundary, a
The advantage of camping at Hanggud tubig:
Enough water supply,
5 hours walk in the park down to Brgy. Alojipan.
You can spend time at the summit and camp at Boundary,
But if you are far away from home, It would be better to camp at Hanggud tubig.

                                          2010 Climb, Summit of Mt. Madia-as

Brgy. Alojipan about 1 hour habal-habal to Culasi town proper,
Always ask the price before you take the ride,
like they say price change with out notice.

Latest Fee:
Mayor's Permit: 300 php per head
Environmental fee: 150 php per head
Guide fee: 350 php per day
Entrance fee at Brgy. Alojipan: 25 php per head
Habal- habal Culasi to Brgy. Alojipan: 100 php per head

The often itinerary that I suggest:
Brgy. Alojipan to Brgy. Flores (see Itinerary)Alojipan trail is a one camp to the summit,
chances are high to summit, in emergency you are nearer to the town proper,
with recommended guide all the way down.
Consider trekking in a small-medium group to minimize impact.
happy trekking!

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