Friday, February 8, 2013

Mt. Nangtud

If you are about to trek to Mt. Nangtud, I will share what I had experience,  recommend some trusted guide and everything I know about Mt. Nangtud.

How many days do you want to summit the mountain?
It could be possibly be done in 1 day but most likely we do it in 4 days and 5 days.

4 days itinerary:
From Dalanas bridge, enjoy the white clear water of about 6-7 hours river trek to the camp site libtong.
No sign of rain for the rest of the night? just claim your rock.
Second day of the trek, Starting early means avoiding the heat of the sun, the Early the better, I suggest please wake up early and leave early.

No water source for the next 3 or 4 hours,
Steep climb, narrow trail, good enough to walk.
Open cogonal trail,
Tree lines (water source)
Enjoy but still fill up your water canteen
The next water source is 4 hours.

Ridge about 2 hours after last water source,
Wall if you fall, probably! you'll die,
So take it slow and keep safe while walking.
You were left behind always keep left.
When you reach the ridge keep left
Ranchohan Ni Tay Lino campsite for the day.

The ridge at Mt. Nangtud

3rd day if you walk a bit slow, wake up early leave early with your pack lunch and enough water for at least 10 hours of walking.
 From Ranchohan you'll be walking 4 hours to Evelio B. Javier or EBJ Peak 45 minutes to the Summit of Mt. Nangtud.
Remember it's only about 45 minutes.
Previous trekker told me that their guide said that it would take them 3 hours to reach the summit from EBJ.
1 an hour is good but 3 hours is at the time going back to Ranchohan Ni tay Lino from EBJ.
Take your time to the grandeur of Mt. Nangtud.
By the way when you drop by at the EBJ Peak, find out what went wrong, it would be a great honored if you can bring it down and back to the EBJ Peak.

Mt. Nangtud Summit

Last day, of 4 day itinerary. Here is your time shine, wake up early and cook your breakfast and lunch,
It is a long way down.
In 2007 we leave ranchohan at 5am sharp and it was 7pm when sat down at Brgy. Mablad,
From Mud To The Star 3, We bug out at ranchohan at 6am and it was 8pm the last man reach at Bgry. Cadiao.
Habal-habal at Sitio. Lumbuyan make sure you arrange it on day 1 or let your fastest man go ahead on the last day with your guide to Brgy. Cadiao which most of the habal-habal are and transact to pick up the rest at Sitio Lumbuyan.

Brgy. Cadiao:
5 km to the nearest highway/Brgy. Kapoyuan.
9.9 km to the Barbaza PNP station.
A hired jeep to pick up and take you where you want to go.
But if you don't have instead of heading to PNP Station for the log-out, you can do it on the next day,

Place to camp at Camp Eupre Mountain Resort:
20 minutes walk from Brgy. Cadiao
Owned and manage by Ka Bebs one of the pioneering mountaineers of the country.
He'll be happy to talk to you and share his stories of the outdoors.

Mt. Nangtud Contact Person

Consider trekking in a small-medium group to minimize our impact.
Happy trekking!

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