From Mud To The Star

Okay! From mud to the star, where it came from? it was one evening when so many stories has been told with coffee and beer, Stars! When Doc abby  said: From mud to the Stars!

It is Friendship climb first of all, nothing more nothing less than to be with friends hiking with a bad weather conditions and there you go the mud on the trail and reaching the summit is just like reaching the stars.

we failed to summit in 2008,even that close with an estimated 3 hours away. It was my humbling experience that none of us argue to push to the summit instead we all decide to go back down a soon a possible before the weather get more worst of what we had the whole evening.

The success of From mud to the star 2(2010), From mud to the star 3( 2012) give us opportunity to build a friendship, an experience that by the end of the day will make us a better person.

As my experience from other events, i realized that Maybe we could do something good to our mountains, maybe a sample for others,  From Mud to the star will aim for small to medium sized hiking group and every two years event for a low impact. that even how many times i trek it, it will always be a different experience.

October 23-26, 2008 Climb
Mt. Madia-as 
Brgy. Alojipan Backtrack Climb

March 26- 29, 2010 Climb  
Mt. Madia-as 
Brgy. Flores - Brgy. Aljipan Traverse Climb

March 28 - April 1, 2012 Mt. Nangtud Climb

 From Mud To The Star 4
November 1-3, 2014
Mt. Madia-as: Alojipan- Flores traverse

 photo by jigz

From mud to the star 4
nov 1-3, 2014
would like to thanks our guide and porter, jelly, adonis, pater sa pag upod sa participants sa bilog na climb, sa mga talangay na part, sa laktanay masobra 22 hrs, ang iban 24 hrs naga lakat.. sa team ni oswe sa pag balik balik sugat sa banderahan panaug sa baryo flores halin 7pm asta 3am na balik balik iya. sa tanan na nag bulig, sa nag sponsor sang I.D, Lester kag ola, sa guide fee, anton kag aira, kag sa iban pa, bertiz art studio para sa streamer, Erwin kag mark,sa mga taga culasi kay arthur. sa kay amy wala ya butang sa guwa mga bayo ko pag puli ta.. sa kay doc abby sa pag qoute " from mud to the star" tani man 5 pa, salamat!!


  1. Thank you abyan...

  2. Looking forward for Mud to the Stars 5, 6, 7 & so on...
    Iririmaw liwat mga abyan.

    - Arthur Estolloso