Friday, August 24, 2012

Tinagong Dagat Negros Occidental Itinerary

Tinagong Dagat Negros Occidental Itinerary

3 Days Traverse
Campwestuhan to Patag
Negros Occidental

Day 1:

6:15 am ETD from Iloilo
7:30 am ETA at Bacolod City Port
8 am ETA at Lagoon Bacolod City
9 am ETD to Campwestuhan
9:30 Start Walking
11 am ETA at the dam (cook lunch)
12 nn Continue Walking
4pm ETA at the Peak
5Pm ETA at Tinagong Dagat (Campsite)

Day 2: 

Explore Tinagong Dagat

Day 3:
6 am Wake up Call
8 am ETD to Patag
12nn ETA at SOutdoor Recreation and Eco-Tourism Area (SORETA)
1pm ETD to Bacolod City
3pm ETA at BAcolod City

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