Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barbaza Antique

One day Trekking, Mt. Nangtud in Barbaza Antique

Mt. Nangtud, I consider it as the highest climbing mountain in panay island. (See I.T )

One day trek at Brgy. Cadiao to Brgy. Tagum:



Stay for the night at Camp Eupre Mountain Resort at Brgy. Cadiao.

How to get there:

From San Jose Antique:

Ceres Bus around P65 fare.
San Jose to Crossing Kapuywan Barbaza, Antique. ( 1hr nga byahe)
Crossing Kapuywan to Brgy. Cadiao/ Camp Eupre Mountain Resort ( 6kms )

From Culasi, Antique:

Ceres Bus at around P25 fare.
Culasi Town Proper to Crossing Kapuywan Barbaza. ( 30mins )

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  1. this is our hide out every after prelim and final exam...and also after peaceful