From place to place is intense interest to travel like everyone, just like you, taking vacations on a long weekend and holidays instead of doing laundries, I know we have the same enthusiasm to travel, the time while you have more savings in your pocket. May not be able to travel and ventures around the world or to walk from place to place in my bucket list, but leaving my home and camping nearby mountains is a humbling experience. Probably I still may choose home made iced coffee made by my wife while watching TV.

I don't have a mountain bike to ride and join them, I don't go out to a rock climbing session, but that keep me safer than the others who love the sports. I may not follow all the tips from survival expert to be called an outdoor enthusiast man, I am also thinking about trail running and still thinking. But I do know how to keep myself safety while in the outdoors. The safety first idea is always a safe option for home and to enjoy the next camping and I am sure, I will still get out there

I am staying most of the day in San Jose, Antique. currently having home made ice coffee, I know some places to stop by and camping grounds in the province of Antique. I can be reached at pawaldas@gmaildotcom

I do not charge for any tips just don't abuse our mountain.
Be a sample to others,

hike in group that give less impact.
Enjoy hiking!

(photo courtesy by Renel Sarmiento) 

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