Thursday, July 5, 2012

Antique Natural Attractions

Nogas Island, A 24-hectare government naval reservation island 3 miles from the shoreline of Anini-y town proper; 20 minutes by sailboat or motorboat. Ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Sira-An Hot Spring, A government-owned hot sulphur spring atop solid rock; warm water flowing from crevices and collects in tiled basins into a junior size, swimming pool; is along the highway 1&1/2 kilometers from Anini-y town proper and overlooks Nogas Island.

Taguimtim, 2 kms. south of Tobias Fornier. Best for picnics and swimming.

Pula Waterfalls, Red-tinted Water cascades. 2 kms. away from poblacion of San Remegio.

Danao Lake, Located in the high mountains of San Remegio. 

Batabat Coral Reef, Barbaza. 1 km. offshore, a 20-minute ride by pumpboat; varied colored corals can be seen through clear waters.

Cadiao Resort, 11 kms. from poblacion Barbaza to Brgy. Capuyawan, then 5 kms. on foot. Has a Bagiui-like temperature. (how to get there)

Macalbag Waterfalls, A waterfall 50 ft. high, 8 kms. from poblacion Barbaza' several caves, some still unexplored.(how to get there)

Hatay-Hatay Beach Resort, Barbaza. 5 kms. from poblacion Tibiao; with sparkling sand and nearby cave.

Mararison Island, 4 kms. off the coast of Culasi. 15 minutes by pumpboat; long stretch of white sand beach; ideal for beachcombing and spear fishing; presence of "pitcher plant" noted.

Mt. Madia-as, Culasi. 2,117m. above sea level; beautiful mountain scenery, different species of flora and fauna, rare orchids, wild deer and boar, a lagoon and rain forest. Mt. Madia-as I.T

Mt. Nangtud, Barbaza. I could say the highest mountain in Panay island. Mt. Nangtud I.T

Mt. Porras, Sibalom. Ideal for overnight trekking, Biggest flower can be found along the trail. Mt. Porras I.T

Mt. Igkuron, Valderama. Ideal for trekking. (See I.T)

Batbatan Island, 8 kms. from Mararison Island. A mound of soft greenery, an attraction to scuba divers and it has a natural coves, anchorages and white sand beaches.

Bugtong Bato Waterfalls, Tibiao. 6 kms. to Sitio Moleta accessible by motor vehicle up to Brgy. Tuno and a short hike along murmuring streams and hidden rice terraces. Ideal for excursions/picnics with excellent opportunities for bathing, swimming and picture taking. First three waterfalls with height up to 150 ft. are accessible. (How to get there)

Tibiao River, Tibiao. 4 kms. from the poblacion considered ideal for white water kayaking by the Boracay based Tribal Adventure Group. (How to get there)

Kipot Falls, 7-basin falls., Culasi. 3 kms. northeast of town proper.

Kalamsag Falls, Sebaste. About 100 ft. high; 7 kms. and a 3-hour walk form the national road.

Igpasungaw Falls, Sebaste. 3 kms. from the national highway' a 30-minute walk up hills' a natural swimming pool.

Bugtong Bukid, Sebaste. 500 meters from the national highway; has a bamboo and nipa resthouse.

Malumpati Health Spring & Tourist Resort, Pandan. Spring Water collects in a small lake believed to have medicinal properties.

Marble Mountain, Pandan. Marble deposit has diferent colors and expected to last a thousand years.

Kaniang Resort, Libertad. Has seven water basins; seven kms. from town proper.

Idiayan Resort, Libertad. It has the advantage of a sloping beach and nipa cottages.

Maanghit Cave, Libertad, teh cave is rich in guano deposited by bats' 7 kms. from the town proper.

Duyong Beach, Pandan. A privately-owned white sand beach overlooking the mountains; ideal for swimming.

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