Monday, July 9, 2012

In Antique

Caluya Island, White sand beaches and clear water idealfor scuba diving and spear fishing.

Semirara Island, Part of Caluya. Has the second largest depositof coal in the Philippines; a bird sanctuary, ideal for horseback riding.

Patadyong Weaving, Bugasong. Produces the famous Bugasongpatadyong (a colorful native fabric), the only one of its kind in the Visayasand well-known throughout the islands.

Sunken Graden, 9 kms. from Libertad town proper. This "garden"of rocks and corals, around 500 sq. meters, may be seen below a "micro"sea.

Marble Quarries, Libertad. About 24 kinds of marble of variouscolors can be found in the quarries.

Libertad Reforestation Project - 8 kms. from Libertad townproper. A beautiful refuge from the 'outside world'

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