Thursday, July 5, 2012

Antique Historical Attraction

Anini-y Church, Anini-y. A massive white coral building located in poblacion Anini-y, 40.46 kms. south of San Jose de Buenavista.

Malandog Marker, Hamtic. 7 kms. south of San Jose, Antique; which marks the: "Landing site of the first Malayan settlers 1200 A.D."

Old Watchtower, Libertad, 143 kms. north of San Jose. It served to warn natives of approaching pirates.

EBJ Freedom Park, In front of the Antique Provincial Capitol building in San Jose Antique. In honor of the late Gov. Evelio B. Javier who was assassinated on February 11, 1986 while defending freedom and democracy from the forces of martial law.

Telegrafo Hill Boundary, Straddling the Iloilo-Antique boundary, it commands a view of San Jose, Antique. The hill was a stronghold during World War II. The place is ideal for hiking and horseback riding.

St. Agustin's High School, Patnongon, Antique. 25 kms. from San Jose, Antique; its building is a remodeled old Spanish convent near the site of the ruins of the century-old Spanish church. St. Agustin's run by Mill Hill Missionaries.

Estaca Hill, Bugasong. 43 kms. from San Jose, Antique. With an elevation of some 200 feet and a view of the sea and hills surrounding Bugasong. The hill was once the site of a watchtower to warn people of Muslim pirates.

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