Monday, October 1, 2012

Far north of Antique

Devotees of St. Blaine flock to Sebaste town's religious fiesta every February 2-3 to visit the antique figure of the saint which is believed to be miraculous. One would not definitely miss Igpasungaw Falls and twelve other seldom frequented falls further up in Sebaste.

Far north is the town of Pandan with the cool spring waters of Malumpati Health Spring and Tourist Resort, emptying into Bugang River that has the distinction of being declared by the government as the country's cleanest inland river in 2003 and first runner up in Hiyas ng Turismo, a national search for new tourist destinations in 2006. Caving enthusiasts may also want to try out Pandan's Tingib Cave and relax at Phaidon Beach Resort with its modern amenities and internet connection. It is a take off point for Pandan Bay, known for aqua sports, marine attractions, and constant sightings of whale sharks.

The northernmost and the province's cleanest and greenest coastal town of Libertad boasts of Marble Mountain with high quality deposits. Spelunking in Maang-hit Cave and adjacent cave systems is an alternative adventure. Mount Sibaliw, located at the heart of the low-elevation rainforest of Northwest Panay is home to a diverse eco-system, the only one of its kind in the Philippines. Snorkelling, marine studies and research can be done in several fish sanctuaries in Brgy.Tinigbas, Libertad.

Pandan and Libertad are the areas that form part of the Northern Panay Peninsula, the last remaining lowland forest in Panay and home to some endangered species.

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