Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From Mud To The Star 2

Brgy. Flores, Culasi Antique

3am Jump Off,

10am at Bantang River,


Mt. Madia-as Summit,

Bgry. Alojipan, Culasi Antique

Bundoks Bar, San Jose, Antique

Flores to Alojipan traverse climb. March 26-29, 2010. 
Special thanks to the 23 participants who share a enjoy and safe climb. 
To the sponsors of I.D namely Amy,Edz,Ola. Timoy Labandero for the Streamer.
 Lester de Julian for the certificate. 
Biboy for the Lunch on the 29th @ Culasi. Renel for the Heavy Dinner @ San Jose, 
Jason Malaga for the Socials @ Bundoks Bar. 
To Nung Jelly the man Trakker. 
Tay dimas and friends for the safe guide to the traverse 
Doc Abby who Qoute "From Mud To the Star" salamat abyan!


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