Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mahaba Island

3 hours bus from Tacloban City to Inopacan Leyte
1 hour boat to Mahaba Island.
One of the Cuatro islas.
Marine sanctuary with marine observation station.

                                                                  Crown of Thorns

We volunteer to hunt crown of thorns that eat hard corals.
Ended up drinking two gallons of tuba and dance, dance, dance.
Use tongs to pick up the crown of thorns.
Diving, snorkeling,
Fish for breakfast and lunch and dinner
Rain water for everything you need. Boiled it if needed.
Make a bread with no oven and barbecue bread with master chef Toby and Rafy.
Try it at home.

                                                                        Amy for the picture

                                     The marine protective area

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