Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mountain Trekking In Antique

Mt. Madia-as. A man size sport involving a 15 km trek thru a trail of rock leading to a dry rriver bed, crossing an improvised wood-bamboo bridge over a boulder - strewn river, hurding numerous hills before reaching a village at its foot where ascent actually starts, tightrope walking on a two-foot bridge that float on a sea of clouds, clambering up near vertical slopes while precariously holding on to tiny rock outcroppings, grasses, and roots of trees. Mt. Madia-as I.T

Mt. Nangtud. Trek thru river and boulders at amost 70 degres slope, opened rigde, breathtaking view as you continue to walk to the ebj peak. climb it to tell.

Mt. Porras. Ideal for overnight trekking and camping. Mt. Porras I.T

Mt. Igkuron. Ideal for overnight trekking and camping, With 360 views at the peak overlooking the town of Valderrama.


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