Friday, November 6, 2009

Slow but Steady

Iloilo City - Mt. Porras, Sibalom Antique - Brgy. Cadiao Barbaza - Miag-ao Church Iloilo Itinerary

Day 1: 
1pm ETD from Iloilo City
3pm ETA in San Jose, Antique
4pm ETA at Sibalom, Antique
5pm ETA at Brgy. Imparayan, Sibalom, Antique

Day 2:
4am Wake-up call
6am Jump off to traverse Mt. Porras
2pm ETA at Brgy. Imparayan
3pm ETA at Brgy. Cubay, Sibalom Antique
4pm ETA at Crossing Kapuywan, Barbaza Antique
We walk 6km from highway to Camp Eupre, brgy. Cadiao

Day 3:
8am We start to trek from Camp Eupre to Brgy. Tagum to brgy. Cadiao
3pm ETA at Camp Eupre
4pm we Trek the 1000 steps for the sunset
5:30pm back to Camp Eupre

Day 4:
7am Start to walk back to crossing kapuywan
9am ETA at highway
11am ETA at San Jose Antique and bottle of beer at Bundoks Bar and Resto
1pm ETD to Miag-ao Chruch in Miag-ao
3pm ETA at Miag-ao
5pm ETA at Iloilo City

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