Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anini-y Antique

The massive century-old Anini-y Church in the town of Anini-y is built of white corals and shells with exquisite architectural and structural design reminiscent of the Spanish era. A walk along the coastline of Anini-y leads you to the Sira-an Hot Springs where warm water flows from crevices of big boulders and settles in a large pool and Jacuzzi-like tubs. From the shoreline of Anini-y, one can see picturesque Nogas Island of white sand, an uninhabited 26-hectare marine and bird sanctuary ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Farther south of Anini-y lies Crests de Gallo, a mountain of three peaks that resembles a cock's comb best climbed during the summer season.

Passing Punta Hagdan View Resort and Brgy. Taguimtim in the town of Tobias Fornier, one experiences a scenic view of surf and coconut palms while off-road trails and feeder roads provide great locations for mountain bikers and light trekkers. Thanks to WESTERN VISAYAS GUIDE BOOK.

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