Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sta. Cruz Davao Del Sur

Sibulan-Mt. Apo Trail – History revealed that the year 1880 marked the first succesfull climb to Mt. Apo through the sibulan trail of Sta. Cruz in Davao del sur by the group led by Don Joaquin rajal. Treeking along the trail will be warmep up by croosing the sibulan river 15 times and experience tarzan-like swing with the vines. Surviving such feat will prepare you for the 87 degree climb at the boulders of the country’s highest peak.

Tudaya Falls- located in sitio tudaya of barangay sibulan. The splendor of tudaya falls is marveled by its 150meter drop ro a 50 meter diameter pool crystal clearand cool waters. It is also known to be the highest falls with in the mt. apo national park.

Sibulan River White Water Tubing- Tubing along the rapids of sibulan river using inflated tubes of rubber tires will drive ones adrenaling rush to the limits with the strong water current of the sibulan river.

Tiboli Cultural Village- Learn the unique culture of the indigenous bagobo-tagbawa tribe and enjoy the view of the entire Mt. Apo landscape and overlooking scenery of Davao city and dava gulf.

Bato and Tagabuli Seascape- Pasig islet in bato and the tagabuli sea rock garden offers white beaches ideal for island hopping, scuba diving and fishing while giving you a view of the symbiotic relationship of the ecosystem in the highlands down to the coastal system.

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