Saturday, December 25, 2010

Giving A Little Back 2010

Shared blessings to the people of Alojipan from the Mountaineers and friends whose 

name are listed below. Xmas in Alojipan would like to thank:

Joyce Penasa iloilo

Adonis Lloren Luzon

Amy remollata iloilo

Anton Cerrada Bacolod

Rhove Dadis Luzun

Andre Balderas Iloilo

Shiela Ola Iloilo

Chris Jaleco Iloilo

Renel Sarmiento Iloilo

Shiela Ola Iloilo

Carlo Tamba Antique

Marlin Abutas Antique

Hardy Espinosa Iloilo

Timoy Labandero Antique


Sunny Maximo, tricycle driver sa pagbulig hakwat ka bagpack pagto sa alojipan kag 

pagpanugro. Duru-duru gid na salamat from the people of Alojipan. Thank you sa inyong

lahat and mur blessings!!

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